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Well, hello there

So I wanted to start a blog.  A blog about whatever I felt like posting, mostly to make me take more pictures and educate the world about important things like what happens to that blood the phlebotomist just took from your arm.  Thing is, I’m not exactly sure how to start such a blog, so I’ve been sitting on it for far too long.  ‘Cause once you start you’re supposed to post regularly.  And have a focus.  And SEO.  And I’m still not sure how much I care about all that, I honestly just have a bunch of stuff I want to say.  So I’m making myself start and hoping this is the hardest part about beginning.

So why start a new blog?  There are so many out there and no one will go out specifically searching for what promises to be a giant brain dump.  I don’t know why, it’s just been on my mind for a while and there’s nothing I love more than setting a goal and completing it.

I’m a Medical Laboratory Scientist (aka Medical Technologist) which means I’m the one sitting in the hospital lab running the tests on that tube of blood you just had drawn.  And I’m totally passionate about it.  Okay fine, I’m a nerd.  I have a master’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science (one of those crazy goals I set for myself) and, pretty much, just a nerd.  There are so many cool things about how the human body works that most never get to learn about (like why a bruise changes colors, what’s up with altitude sickness, why we test newborn babies bilirubin levels…) and I want to change that.

I saved up to buy my first camera when I was in 9th grade and have been taking photos ever since.  I’ll write more about taking photos later.  Look at me, planning future posts like I know what I’m doing.

That’s a good start.  I’ll leave off with a picture of my boys and me from two years ago because it’s one of my favorite snapshots.  Also, I’m actually at work right now (night shift in the lab!) and it’s in my Google pictures and therefore accessible.  Oh, and I’m supposed to leave off with some call to action to comment or something, right?  Um, say hi if you actually read this :)